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Natasha was sitting and home and relaxing. She's a bit dumb, as all bitches are, so she opened her door even though she did not expect any visitors. What a surprise! As soon as she opened the door she was overwhelmed by two horny attackers. They dragged her through her apartment kicking and screaming and threw her on her sofa and pulled all her clothes off. She begged and pleaded but they did not care. They used her little tight teen body, brutally ravaging her. She will think twice about opening her door next time!

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Sharon was always a tease. She would lead guys on, flirt with them, make them think they were going to score but NEVER actuall put out. Well, Rick and Lance decided it was time to call ber bluff and make Sharon give up what she has held on to for so long: that sweet little innocent ass. She was all talk, but they made her all FUCK. They got her drunk and stripped her down as she screamed and fought. Rick forced his cock deep down her throat while Lance plowed her in the asshole, using her own blood as lube! She was simply ABUSED !!!!
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